Acrostic Name Poems for Harmony in KJV Bible

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  • Acrostic Harmony in Hebrews 13:17 KJV

    Obey them that have tHe rule over you,
    And submit yourselves:
    for they watch foR your souls,
    as they that Must give account,
    that they may dO it with joy,
    and Not with grief:
    for that is unprofitable for You.
  • Acrostic Harmony in Exodus 19:13 KJV

    There shall not an Hand touch it,
    but he shAll surely be stoned,
    or shot thRough;
    whether it be beast or Man,
    it shall nOt live:
    when the trumpet souNdeth long,
    theY shall come up to the mount.
  • Acrostic Harmony in Revelation 3:18 KJV

    I counsel tHee to buy of me gold tried in the fire,
    that thou mAyest be rich;
    and white Raiment,
    that thou Mayest be clothed,
    and that the shame Of thy nakedness do not appear;
    and anoint thiNe eyes with eyesalve,
    that thou maYest see.
  • Acrostic Harmony in Numbers 16:40 KJV

    To be a memorial unto tHe children of Israel,
    that no strAnger,
    which is not of the seed of AaRon,
    coMe near to offer incense before the LORD;
    that he be nOt as Korah,
    and as his compaNy:
    as the LORD said to him bY the hand of Moses.
  • Acrostic Harmony in Jeremiah 9:10 KJV

    For tHe mountains will I take up a weeping and wailing,
    and for the habitAtions of the wilderness a lamentation,
    because they aRe burned up,
    so that none can pass through theM;
    neither can men hear the vOice of the cattle;
    both the fowl of the heaveNs and the beast are fled;
    theY are gone.
  • Acrostic Harmony in Ezekiel 16:37 KJV

    therefore I will gAther all thy lovers,
    with whom thou hast taken pleasuRe,
    and all theM that thou hast loved,
    with all them that thOu hast hated;
    I will even gather them rouNd about against thee,
    and will discover thY nakedness unto them,
    that they may see all thy nakedness.
  • Acrostic Harmony in 2 Chronicles 2:10 KJV

    And, beHold,
    I will give to thy servAnts,
    the heweRs that cut timber,
    twenty thousand Measures of beaten wheat,
    and twenty thOusand measures of barley,
    and twenty thousaNd baths of wine,
    and twentY thousand baths of oil.
  • Acrostic Harmony in Exodus 32:12 KJV

    Wherefore should tHe Egyptians speak,
    and sAy,
    For mischief did he bRing them out,
    to slay theM in the mountains,
    and to consume them frOm the face of the earth?
    TurN from thy fierce wrath,
    and repent of this evil against thY people.
  • Acrostic Harmony in 2 Chronicles 6:27 KJV

    Then hear tHou from heaven,
    and forgive the sin of thy servAnts,
    and of thy people IsRael,
    when thou hast taught theM the good way,
    wherein they shOuld walk;
    and send raiN upon thy land,
    which thou hast given unto thY people for an inheritance.
  • Acrostic Harmony in Jeremiah 25:3 KJV

    From the thirteenth year of JosiaH the son of Amon king of Judah,
    even unto this dAy,
    that is the thRee and twentieth year,
    the word of the LORD hath coMe unto me,
    and I have spOken unto you,
    rising early aNd speaking;
    but Ye have not hearkened.
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